Hoptender Update: New app version, 90+ new breweries, 15+ new food trucks

There have been quite a few updates to report since the launch of Hoptender on Saturday. Most notably, we have pushed versions V1.1/V1.2 of the mobile app on both iOS and Android, this includes new search functionality on the Browse All page, some improvements, and a couple small bug fixes. Everyone who has already downloaded the app is encouraged to update to the latest version available in the App Store or Google Play.

90+ new breweries and 15+ food trucks have been added to the database. Database totals below:

Current Hoptender Stats (Last Updated: 6/20/2017):
Total Breweries: 212 breweries
Total Brewery Website Calenders Being Synced: 95 breweries
Total Brewery Facebook Events Being Synced: 211 breweries
Total Food Trucks (Google Calendar Sync): 45 (we are contacting several trucks this week working on trying to get a lot more into the app)

Please keep those suggestions and bug reports coming, just send us a message via any method on the contact page. We appreciate everyone who has downloaded the app, liked our Facebook page, followed us on Twitter, or shared any of content in the last few days, I can’t thank you enough!

More updates to come soon!

Hoptender is here…

Hoptender is here, available on iOS and Android. There is also a web version that is limited in features.

Hoptender is an interactive brewery directory for North Carolina that includes synchronization of events from brewery websites and Facebook, browse events and breweries by your GPS location, rate, check-in, view calendars, food trucks, and more!

Synchronized Events
Hoptender pulls data in from brewery website calendars and Facebook page events all into one simple interface. View calendar of events from all breweries or view individual breweries’ calendars.

GPS Assisted
Find breweries, food trucks, and events around you based on your phone’s GPS location. You can disable this option and browse the directory alphabetically.

Check In
Check-in to your favorite breweries and keep a log of where you’ve Hopped around! This feature is exclusive to mobile app users.

A 5-star rating system has been included that is exclusive to Hoptender mobile app users! Rate your favorite brewers and see what other Hop-heads are rating.

Over 200 Breweries
Hoptender has over 120+ breweries at the time of launch, with almost 90 more to be added in the next couple days. Right now, Hoptender will be focusing in the NC area, however it may decided to expand the geographic at some point in time. If you don’t see your favorite brewery, please contact us and we’ll be sure to add them in as soon as possible!

Food Trucks
Because, why not? Most food trucks in the Triangle area use Google Calendar which has a super-easy API. Since food trucks and breweries seem to go hand-in-hand, it seemed only good sense to add food truck listings to the app.

Feedback? Suggestions? Bug reports?
Please contact us as soon as you can. If reporting a bug, please include your device make/model, what OS version you are running, and any relevant screenshots.

Thank you for all the support to everyone who has helped make this possible! Special thanks to Andrew Harrison for the logo, icon, and creative counseling; Katie Boyd for endless data entry work and creative counseling; and the many friends and family that have helped with beta testing, suggestions, bug reports, creative counseling, and overall support.

Download Hoptender today!