Hoptender 1.5 Update: Map view, Instagram links

Hoptender v1.5 update is now available on both iOS and Android platforms. This update provides a much-needed interactive map view (powered by Google Maps) which allows you to better visually discover breweries, bottle shops, and food trucks around your location. The map is interactive to where you can pan, zoom, and discover Hoptender listings all around NC. You can tap/click markers on the map to see details including opening hours, events hoppening that day, and a button to jump to the Hoptender listing’s details page.

We’ve noticed Hoptender’s Instagram following seems to be the strongest and most active out of all of our social media accounts – so we’ve decided to integrate Instagram links for all listings in Hoptender. Now you can view a listing’s Instagram by clicking the “More” button (on listing details page) and you’ll see a link for their Instagram.

In other news, we have made several updates to the Hoptender Business Portal. There is a new, friendlier GUI. We have also launched an embed-able calendar feature – you can now customize and embed your Hoptender Calendar on your Facebook page (as a tab), your website (copy & paste HTML code), or a WordPress blog/website (install our calendar plugin).

Thank you for using Hoptender! More updates are on their way soon!