Hoptender v1.4 Update: New improved UI, bottle shops, favorites, social check-ins, and more!

Hoptender v1.4 is now available for Android and iOS! Hoptender v1.4 is a major update that features a new, improved user interface, a bottle shops category with over 190 shops, new favorites system, new social check-ins, 80% reduction in Android APK filesize, and more!

New & Improved UI
We decided to revamp Hoptender’s UI to make it look a little more modern. Everything is now on a footer navigation based system now, so we’ve made 3 main icon-based footer tabs – Breweries, Bottle Shops, and Food Trucks. We have also moved the menu button to the footer, menu now slides out from right, changed menu from list to icons, and made it responsive (2 columns on smaller screens, 1 column on larger).

Bottle Shops
Bottle shops are now a category in the app! You can see them under the second tab. We have started with over 190 bottle shops in the North Carolina. If you see any missing, please contact me and I’ll get them in as soon as possible.

Favorites System
After several requests, we decided to add a favorites system! Now you can “Favorite” breweries, bottle shops, and food trucks. You can also view feeds of only your favorites, so you don’t have to look through a bunch of listings you have no interest in – just keep updated with what you love! We are working now on integrating systems where if a food truck visits your favorite bottle shop or brewery, you will be notified. We are also working on a deeper notification subscription model where you can select how and when you get notified for new events Hoppenings at your favorite places.

New Social Check-Ins
We have overhauled the check-in system. It is now more integrated socially – you can share your check-in on Facebook, Twitter, etc via Hoptender! You should see a share dialog appear after you check-in. Now you can post where you are and Hoptender will keep a log where you’ve been at!

80% APK filesize reduction on Android
We removed the Crosswalk runtime, as it appears the project is no longer maintained. On a positive note, this reduced the APK filesize by over 80%. On a negative note, older devices, specifically phones running any Android OS below Android 4.4 are no longer supported. iOS never relied on Crosswalk, so iOS app size remains almost unchanged.

Misc Features & Bug Fixes
Calendar jump-to-date selector, tap to expand event descriptions, improved geolocation functionality with tabs, several bug fixes, and other small improvements.

We encourage all our existing users to update as soon as possible. Everybody can find the latest version of Hoptender on both Google Play and the App Store.

Thank you for reading, more updates coming soon!